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Our premium Hemp Oil is a great way to improve many parts of your life whether you are experiencing pain, insomnia, anxiety, or more. Our #1 focus is to provide the highest quality & most potent hemp products in the entire market and to make your experience unforgettable.



USA Grown Hemp

Full Spectrum Extract

25mg per serving

THC Free

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Product Information

When it comes to natural hemp products that help improve your health and wellbeing you have two choices. You can either go with a relatively unknown and questionable provider that cannot ensure the integrity, purity or consistency of the product OR you can go with America’s fastest growing and most trusted manufacturer of hemp products.

Perfect for:

· Support for normal, everyday stress
· Recovery from exercise
· Support for calmness & relaxation

Additional Information

· Dropper Included
· Colorado Botanicals products are not made with any additional additives such as color dyes to change the color of the oil or other non-hemp related ingredients to enhance the effects
· Colorado Botanicals hemp oil is extracted from organic industrial hemp that meets the criteria of the Colorado Department of Agriculture
· Colorado Botanicals unique extraction and purification includes other cannabinoids and terpenes that enhance the medicinal benefits
· THC Free

Suggested Use

To Achieve Best Results:
·         Consistency is key, make sure to take it every day.
·         ALWAYS shake bottle prior to using it
·         Store in cool and dark place
·         Sensitive to taste? Mix it with your favorite beverage
·         Dropper Use: Gently squeeze the rubber end and release. The oil will fill roughly 60-70% of dropper which will be one serving (oil will not fill the entire dropper).
·         Take 2 servings 1-2 times per day

19 reviews for 750mg HEMP EXTRACT PLUS

  1. Delina L. (verified owner)

    take this everyday after coming home from work and it works great for stress and I’ve noticed I’ve been sleeping a lot better every time I use it

  2. Kenneth P. (verified owner)

    this stuff actually works

  3. Jeremy L. (verified owner)

    I have tried several other CBD oils for my PTSD…this one did the trick. Once I settled in on an appropriate dosage (through experimentation) starting with a low dose of 300mg then settling on 750mg, I was able to ditch my VA Rx!

  4. Katie H. (verified owner)

    I love their CBD oil!! I recommend this to so many people and the people who started using this because of me all say good stuff about it. Their products work great even the 300mg effected me unlike some other brands that I’ve tried and barely felt anything. It’s also great that it’s THC free because I get random drug tests for my work and I passed my last drug test with no THC traces just in case if anyone was wondering that. It doesn’t!

  5. Chelsey T. (verified owner)

    Works great, great price, and very fast shipping!

  6. Jen A. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product! I use this every single day after I come home from work and this just lets me unwind and relaxes me. I used to purchase Charlottes Web for quite some time and I came across this company and decided to give them a try since Charlottes Web was so expensive and charged ridiculously high prices for shipping that took 1-2 weeks to come… This is literally the same as theirs but lower prices and extremely fast shipping

  7. Celine D. (verified owner)

    I’ve had bad anxiety attacks for a very long time and was even prescribed Xanax for about 6 months that did nothing but make my anxiety worse when I wasn’t on it. A friend of mine recommended CBD so I found this company and been using it for several months now and it’s a miracle how it helped… I feel like a new person and people have noticed how I’ve become a calmer person. I do have anxiety attacks once in a while but NOTHING compared to before. If you have anxiety attacks then give this a try. If it worked for me then it should work for you as well!

  8. Connor J. (verified owner)

    I’m surprised at how it actually helped!! Helped me get much better sleep at night and helps relax your mind. I noticed I become calmer when faced with situations that usually I overreact on. Been 2 months now and I’m buying my third bottle. Trust me just give this a try and you will see!

  9. Tina K. (verified owner)

    I really love this and I literally tell everyone about this product. I don’t really have any problem to begin with I just started to take it it for the heck of it because it’s CBD and I’ve actually noticed a difference in my sleep and mood. After taking it for a few days that’s when I really noticed it. Doesn’t taste bad at all either.

  10. Sophie A. (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite supplement to take everyday! I love it

  11. Megan L. (verified owner)

    I was using the 300mg for sometime and I did like it. I felt a difference in my mood and sleep quality but I decided to purchase this 750mg one time and I noticed a difference. Both are good but this is just stronger and you feel it more. Really happy with their shipping as well and the cute packaging they send it in. You can tell they really care about going above customer expectations. I’m not a person who leaves reviews ever but they deserve it.

  12. Tim D. (verified owner)

    I got it for anxiety and it’s been working great and I’ve also seen a difference in my mood and sleep

  13. Jaden S. (verified owner)

    Best CBD company and oil I’ve tried!! I’ve been purchasing from them for a year now and I’ve seen the evolution of this company and their always improving something or something is new and better. The oil has always been amazing as usual. I even have my kids take a serving of the 300mg before they sleep. Much love to Colorado Botanicals

  14. Amy C. (verified owner)

    I thought CBD was too good to be true and another phase that we go through in life but this has helped me a lot. I take it for a lot of reasons but nothing serious and I see noticeable difference within 15-30 minutes. Great sleep aid too!

  15. Garik B. (verified owner)

    I suffer from lymphoma cancer, I have terrible fatigue, can’t eat and I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds, and it’s just been a roller coaster for me this past year. I finished chemo and it’s been 2 months that I haven’t had any treatment and a family member recommended to try this and surprisingly it’s been helping a lot. I can’t say much about the cancer yet but in terms of fatigue and appetite it has helped me a lot. I’m also in a much better mood most of the time compared to before just always feeling down and being tired. I’ve been using this 750mg but I just purchased the 1,500mg. I’m very excited for it to come! Words can’t describe how much I want to thank this company so I felt it was much needed to leave a review so others can see.

  16. Lara Y. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and tastes good but I didn’t notice anything crazy from this except mild effects

  17. Alyssa P. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 3 other CBD brands including dan bilzerians ignite brand and this is way better then the others. This is the second highest costing one but it’s well worth it

  18. Taylor P. (verified owner)

    best CBD oil that I’ve tried and this is the 4th different company that i’ve purchased from. I don’t know what makes this better than the others but it is. Very happy with the product and quick shipping.

  19. Rebecca L. (verified owner)

    this product changed my life!! I was taking medications for anxiety, sleep, depression and almost 2 months after using this every single day i started to be much better and people even noticed I changed. Now I’m off those medications completely and my doctor told me that my blood tests was the best in a long time. I’ve tried another cbd product in the past but i didn’t feel any difference so stopped using it. This product I actually feel a difference and it has changed me. I tell everyone about this company now to spread the word about them.. people need to find out about this company!

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